about the girl

- Is a Filipina girl.
- Loves to eat just about anything.
- Loves tuna cut rolls.
- Doesn't like being the center of attention.
- Is very shy.
- Doesn't like talking on the phone.
- Many things makes me cry.
- Favorite food is broccoli, Japanese, and Mexican.
- Loves the color green.
- Wants to be a web designer.
- Has been dumped once.
- Has dumped someone once.
- Could create websites all day long.
- Has met Joey McIntrye 1 time
- Has met Christina Aguilera 1 time
- Has been to 2 *NSYNC concerts.
- Has been to 1 Justin Timberlake concerts.
- Has been to 1 New Kids on the Block concert.
- Has been to 1 NKOTBSB concert.
- Has Been to the Package Tour concert.
- Is absolutely in love with Justin Timberlake and everything about him.

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