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The Package Tour

It’s been a year since I last posted. I have been keeping myself busy making friendship bracelets. I just got into bracelets that are known as Kumihimo bracelets. I will post pictures of the ones I do.

I will be going to the The Package Tour concert on July 19. This will be a great concert because it will be with Boyz II Men, 98 Degrees and New Kids on the Block. I am a huge fan of New Kids on the Block and fans of both 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men so I am so excited to be going. I will post about it after I attend the concert.


I went to the NKOTBSB concert on Juy 1, 2011 at Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. The concert was amazing. I had great seats. I had floor seats in section 6 row 5. I’m short so I couldn’t see too much when they were performing all the way to the stage but when they were in the catwalk-like area I saw them a little. When they were in the circle area right in front of my section I could see them all clearly. The opening acts were Ashlynne Huff and Jordin Sparks. Backstreet Boys each brought someone on stage during a song and serenaded them. They all brought a girl up except AJ McLean who decided to bring a guy up on stage. New Kids on the Block came to the floor area to shake hands with some of the fans. I went up to Jonathan Knight and grabbed two of his fingers because I didn’t know if he was gonna come down by me. When I got back to my seats he came towards my side and I reached out my hand and he shook it. It was so great since I’m a huge New Kids on the Block fan. Backstreet Boys were in the level right above the floor seats shaking fans’ hands. AS AJ McLean was walking back towards the circle that’s in front of my section I tried to shake his hand but he didn’t reach his hand out and the security were all around him rushing him to the stage so I couldn’t touch him. Donnie Wahlberg ripped off his t-shirt and threw it to my section but a girl on the other side of my row got it. What a lucky girl! I wish that was me. I would have loved to have gotten that shirt. The concert had lots of special effects and lighting. It was just amazing. Before the concert I bought a New Kids on the Block t-shirt and the NKOTBSB program book. I absolutely loved my seats and this concert was the best one I’ve been to. I wouldn’t change a thing except to maybe get Donnie’s t-shirt. I would highly recommend all to go if you are a fan of either or both. I just wished I had brought a camera and took some pictures but I didn’t know they allowed cameras. I’ve been to 4 other concerts before (including a New Kids on the Block one) and cameras were not allowed. They wouldn’t even let you take pictures with your cellphone. I don’t have picture-capable phone.


I am so excited that I’m going to the New Kids on the Block and BSB concert. I will be going to the one in Los Angeles. I’ll be flying from Illinois to California and staying a week with my mom’s friend. I can’t wait for the concert.

I am a huge fan of New Kids on the Block so this would be so awesome. I started becoming a fan back in 1988 when I was only 6 years old. Now I’m still a fan of them, after all those years. I’ve never been a fan of Backstreet Boys. Back when they first were around I wasn’t a fan of them. I was a huge fan of *N Sync back then. I can’t say that I hated them because I didn’t. I mean there are other artists (I won’t name names) that I can’t stand and hate and won’t listen to their music. I didn’t own any of their albums but I did like their songs when I heard them on the radio or on TRL. I remember watching their music videos that showed on TV on TRL.

I have floor seats. My seats are going to be directly facing the catwalk. They have a stage and then a catwalk coming from the stage and then there is one section of seats right after that. I will be in that section, in the 5th row. Will be pretty close when they walk down the catwalk and sing at that little circle. This is the first time I’ve ever been this close. Well, for a concert that is. I did get to see Joey McIntyre and get his autograph when I was living in New York. That was really close.

Well, I’m looking forward to this concert and can;t wait to see it. If anyone has seen the American Music Awards then they know what the concert will be like. They said on their websites that the award show performance is a glimpse as to what the concert will be like. For anyone who has not seen the performance at the award show you can watch it on YouTube.

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